In a TQuiz, the player has to place each falling item in the right target cell. The TQuiz provides four modes: Discovery, Practice, Test and Game

The TQuiz opposite runs in Test mode, launch it by touching the ► button

Practice, where you want

The player of TQuiz is a full Javascript application so it runs on every mobile device, tablet or computer.
Play for fun and to make your brain work.
Practice to strengthen your knowledge.

TQuiz with smartphones and tablets

Explore various contents

The TQuiz were initially designed for Mathematics. There can be TQuiz with complex and various kinds of mathematical expressions for every level ► TQuiz about calculation of limits
There are also TQuiz about Science, History (for example classifying dates) or Languages (translation, conjugation...).

The TQuiz opposite is about conjugation in discovery mode, launch it by touching the ► button.

Creating TQuiz

You are a teacher or have some skills in a given domain: create your own TQuiz with EpsilonWriter and share them with everybody using the the epsilon-publi website or your own web pages(blog, school homepage,etc.).

You can be inspired the TQuiz from the gallery :

Logo du projet MCSquared

The MC² project: The creativity as the starting point for TQuiz

The TQuiz have been designed and partly funded in the framework of the MCSquared european project. This project focus is on social creativity in the design of digital media intended to enhance creativity in mathematical thinking (CMT).